Step by Step Guide of How to Install Vivian Lou Insoles

insole installation

Women will always run to the stores to get the next pair of red bottom heels. It has been the latest trend and creation of more inches of heels. Heels can be quite uncomfortable, especially if it involves moving around a lot during the day. However, there is a new solution to that the Vivian Lou weight-shifting insoles. These insoles improve leg and back posture and also reduces pain.

These insoles have made it easier for womeninsole installation to wear heels without suffering from pain in the joints, hips and knee areas. The insoles work by shifting weight to the heel, allowing women to walk, stand and dance as they maintain a proper posture. It will help if you properly install the insoles to the heel. You can use this guide:

Select Your Size

The insoles are not one size fits all; it is because feet are not either. Unlike other inserts and insoles, you do not have to trim or replace them. The insoles come ready-made sizes; all you have to do is select your size. Then find the tab. It would be best if you started with clean, lotion-free and dry shoes. Pick an insole; there is no difference between the right and left. Then find the plastic tab of the backing liner. It is essential because it is what you will use to peel off the backing when the time comes.

Fold the Liner Backward

Fold the liner from the rounded end of the insole to expose just enough adhesive to hold the insole in place while you test positions. Fold-down to the middle of the logo. When the glue is well intact, you are ready to install your insoles.

Place the Insoles

After the adhesive is well intact, center the broader side of the insole an eighth inch from the back of the shoe with the flat, sticky side down. Some heels have a narrow arch style; you may need to point the insole slightly towards the big toe side of the shoe. Repeat this in your other shoe, try on both shoes. It is vital to try on both shoes at the same time to determine correct placement. The best thing about these insoles you can adjust how you like. If you feel a bump under your heel, move the insole very slightly towards the toe. Additionally, if you feel a bulge under your arch, move the insole slightly towards your heel.