Reasons to Clean Your Gutters

clogged gutter

Gutters are the channels that take water from your roof into the drainage. As such, besides installing the best gutters, it is imperative to have them always clean and free of clutter that might impede water movements up there. Dirty gutters are known to cause all sorts of problems to homeowners. Leaking clogged, and poorly installed gutters are known to cause water damage, which can be quite costly to repair. Thus, taking preventive measures through routine gutter cleaning is key to preventing gutter-related problems.

Cracks in Walls

gutter leaking from side

Gutter leaks can make your walls to crack thus affecting the structural integrity of your house. Ideally, leaking gutters often re-direct water into the walls. During freezing temperatures, water expands to form ice, which subjects the walls to pressure and subsequent cracks. Fixing cracks is expensive. Having your gutter cleaned and fully-functional can help you avoid such issues in future.

Damage to Wood

Water often gets to those hidden areas around your roof. A problem in the gutter might slowly find its way into the roof, which is mostly made from wood. Wood is known to be very susceptible to water damage and can easily rot. Any rot on wood requires urgent replacement, which is not only expensive but failure to notice signs of water damage on wood can cause more problems like property damage or injuries.

Pest Infestation

Clogged and dirt gutters might lead to pest infestation issues. Most pests and insects thrive in places with organic matter and clutter. Pests on insects on your gutter might soon creep inside your home causing all sorts of havoc. The only way to keep these uninvited guests away from your home is to clear everything that attracts or provide shelter – cleaning your gutters is one way.

Damage to Side Walks

side walk damaged

If water does not follow the prescribed channels due to some debris, you can be rest assure that it will find an alternative passage. In most instances, water flows through the top guttering onto the ground below, which in most cases happens to be the sidewalks. If this persists, you will soon have moss and lichens growing in the affected areas.

Better late than sorry – preventing water damage caused by dirty gutter is simple and cost-effective.